Rachpal Tulsi

Singapore Associate

Rachpal is an Associate with Values Based Leadership and has over ten years experience in training, customer service, organisational development, mentoring and coaching. As an organisational development consultant, Rachpal has had extensive experience working with top management to conceptualise strategies for communicating the organisational mission and vision to its employees and the successful immersion of new employees to the organisation.

As an Executive and Performance Coach, Rachpal has first-hand knowledge of challenges individuals face in the workplace and in life and barriers to self-motivation. In working with these individuals, Rachpal has helped to develop strategies to increase motivation, focus on outcome-based approaches and replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, leading them to alter the restraining aspects of their lives.

Representative Client Engagements

Areas of Expertise

Clients Types/Levels of Experience

CEO, Board & Functional Directors, Senior Management Teams, Hi-potential leaders, Cross Cultural Leadership Groups, Team development

Industry/Functional Expertise

Marine Oil & Gas, IT / Networking, Engineering & Electronics, Banking, Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

Representative Clients

Hewlett-Packard, Hamworthy, Cameron Singapore, Panasonic, Bohreinger-Ingelheim, China Insurance, CISCO.

Professional/Corporate Experience