Charlotta Brynger

Sweden Associate

Charlotta is a full-time cross cultural trainer in business and international cooperation. She provides tailor designed training for a wide array of business and communication needs such as on global aspects on organization development, multicultural teams, virtual teams, status across cultures and leadership. Charlotta carries out training mainly with the Swedish business perspective, however, having lived in the US, France, Netherlands, Germany and in periods also in Italy, she covers other, primarily European, perspectives ones.

She is a guest lecturer at the University of Gothenburg and a trainer at a leadership training institute as well as working with the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Representative Client Engagements

Areas of Expertise

Clients Types/Levels of Experience

CEO, Management, Team leaders and members, HR, Sales, Marketing and Expats.

Industry/Functional Expertise

Charlotta’s clients are found within trade and the pharmaceutical, automotive, gas & oil industries.

Representative Clients

University of Gothenburg, Alliator, Lexicon, West Sweden Chamber of Commerce.

Professional/Corporate Experience