Team Development

Team performance is critical to organisational success. The roles, goals and functions are often the focus of attention as to what makes teams really perform; they are important but not sufficient. It is also the emotional connection and strength of the team that enables them to excel. Factors like trust, emotional resilience, communication and leadership are all critical success factors in teams that consistently deliver results. Teams often understand what they have to do to get results. Great teams also understand and put energy into how they have to be. Our programmes develop your teams so that they engage in a common purpose, challenge each other to consistently perform at the highest level of their abilities and develop a vision and strategies that engage the whole team.

Team Development solutions include:

  • Leadership Team Development– we look at how teams currently work together, identifying where they need to be in order to effectively lead the strategic direction of the organisation and assisting them to identify and role model the desired behaviours, attitudes and relationships that are required. The programme then engages and aligns around the strategic intent of the team, getting them to operate effectively as a high performing team and as individuals with their own roles and responsibilities.
  • Team Coaching– our programmes offer group coaching to the team and also work with individual team members in one-on-one coaching for personal development. It is an effective way of identifying areas of development that are common to the team  as well as ensuring each team member has the individualised consideration to enable them to grow and develop as a leader and key member of the team.
  • Team Facilitation– our experienced facilitators will help your teams to develop and implement actions to support the organisational strategy by ensuring the whole group works effectively together. External facilitation is a fresh pair of eyes, perhaps even an agent provocateur at times. Our facilitators are removed from the day-to-day operational issues of your organisation so they can help you find fresh ideas and new perspectives.
  • Team Buildingour team building programmes offer teams the opportunity to take part in a shared event that builds a sense of team spirit and creates an understanding of the team’s common purpose.  The events enable a group to work together in a challenging and fun environment whilst developing key learnings and actions to transfer back into the workplace.
  • Board Development board development and alignment is key to the success of an organisation whatever sector you operate in. Our Board development programmes enable both Executive and Non-executive Board members to think strategically and to work and operate effectively together.