Organisational Development

Organisational Development is a planned approach to enabling sustained organisation performance improvement through the involvement of its people. It engages the hearts and minds by aligning people with the thinking, attitudes and behaviours that will deliver successful organisational change. Our programmes help leaders and businesses to successfully integrate a newly acquired business, develop and grow a new culture, identify and implement organisational values and achieve strategic alignment to the organisational vision.

Organisational Development solutions include:

  • Strategic Alignmentstrategic alignment ensures the leadership team are able to operate in a way that aligns people, products and processes with the values and overall business strategy of the organisation. This programme is aimed at businesses that need to successfully implement a new or developed strategy into their organisation.
  • Making Values Mean Somethingmany organisations have values and the art of values is to bring them to life to reflect the behaviours and decision making of the people in your company. Values implemented well, will give you a competitive advantage by enhancing the emotional attachment of your clients and people to your organisation and brand. Our programmes will help to make your values mean something and ensure every member of every team understands and commits to them.
  • Acquisition Integrationwe guide and help the organisations involved in the acquisition to develop strong relationships. We enable the leadership team of the acquired company to successfully integrate into the business so they can achieve the strategic goals of the acquisition.
  • Leading Organisational Change – we help our clients to develop change strategies by achieving emotional engagement from their people. Our programmes give your leaders the skills, attitudes and behaviours to engage the hearts and minds of their people to the change, and thus implement a successful change strategy.
  • Collaboration in a Global Organisationcollaboration is a key factor that enables global organisations to maximise their potential in their chosen markets. We have helped clients develop the mutual trust and respect between different geographical regions to enable this to happen.