Governor Reviews

A Governor Review is for schools that have been requested to review their governance as a result of an Ofsted inspection or as part of a supported self-review for effective governance/preparation for Ofsted.
Karen Frost, NLG, can provide a full Review of Governance to schools, throughout England, to support governing bodies to develop their skills, understand the changing nature of governance, work as a strong leadership team and provide the right level of support to the staff, parents and the pupils of a school.  The purpose of a review is to enhance the effectiveness of governance to create the right environment where children can learn and develop.
The review covers 4 areas:

  • Review of Governance
  • Review of Documentation
  • Face to face discussions with Chair of Governors and Head Teacher
  • Written report and action plan

The cost per Governor Review is £1200 + VAT. This includes the equivalent of three days of work at £400 + VAT per day (inclusive of all travel and materials expenses).
Day One – (time equivalent to one day)

  • Preparation work – meeting with Chair of Governors & Head Teacher.
  • Attending and observing an FGB meeting.
  • Reviewing all documentation including minutes of meetings, Ofsted reports, website, RAISEOnline, other regular correspondence from the FGB meeting. 

Day two – (time equivalent to one day)

  • Evaluation of information and documentation with a review against a framework of best practice. 
  • Telephone interviews with Chair of Governors and Head Teacher to clarify and evaluate against a framework of best practice.

Day three – (time equivalent to one day)

  • Production of a comprehensive governor review report in draft format.
  • Review of report with Chair of Governors and head Teacher. 
  • Agreement of report for presentation. 
  • Presentation of final report. 
  • Production of an agreed action plan, based on the report findings, for the next 6 – 12 months

To arrange a call with Karen to discuss a Governor Review, please contact Stephanie Small on +44 (0) 1989 76 22 33 or email

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