Cross Cultural Development

In a world of rapidly globalising business and internet electronic proximity, the ability of leaders to interact successfully with foreign partners in all aspects of business commerce is seen as increasingly essential and desirable.

VBL has developed some very specific skills around cross cultural leadership. Our Directors have trained with Richard Lewis Communications and are licensed to use The Lewis Model of Culture - the foundation to our cross-cultural leadership programmes.

Our Cross Cultural Leadership Solutions include:

Cross Cultural Leadership Development– As part of the development of delegates on one of our bespoke leadership development programmes, we provide specific knowledge and understanding around how to be an effective leader in a cross cultural context.

Cross Cultural Team Development– Working with a whole team to develop their understanding and skills around cross cultural awareness. This is for teams that have multi-cultural members and are often working remotely within a global context.

Cross Cultural Executive Coaching –Working on a one-to-one basis, we can provide clients with the awareness and skills to improve their cross cultural understanding. We can either focus specifically on cross cultural coaching, or include it as part of our personalised Executive Coaching programmes.

Cross Cultural Organisational Development Mergers and Acquisitions– Working with all parties involved in the merger or acquisition, we develop cross cultural skills to assist with a smooth transition as the companies come together.

As with our other leadership programmes, our cross cultural leadership programmes are pragmatic, giving your leaders the tools, skills and abilities that can be transferred back into performance improvement at work. Participants undertake a cross cultural survey and have access to a wealth of cross cultural information via an interactive website for one year following each programme.

The Lewis Model of Culture

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