Corporate Social Responsibility

Values Based Leadership’s corporate social responsibility is based on a commitment to sustainability. We aim to protect the environment, minimise the waste of renewable and non-renewable resources and reduce energy consumption as part of a continuous improvement programme. We also value our responsibility to the local economy and society, and strive to use local resources and services as far as possible.

Throughout our practices, Values Based Leadership will endeavour to comply with environmental legislation and minimise any adverse impact on the air, water and land by means of pollution prevention and energy and water conservation. In this way, cost savings, increased operational efficiency and improved quality of products and services will be achieved with the added benefit of maintaining a safe environment for the community as a whole and a healthy workplace for our employees.

Values Based Leadership has made a regular monthly donation to World Vision for a number of years. Our Directors are committed to helping fight poverty in developing countries. By sponsoring a child in Sierra Leone we make a difference to his and his family’s quality of life thereby battling poverty one child at a time.

A few years ago, Directors John & Karen visited Namatumba – a town of similar size to Ross-on-Wye in rural Uganda. They were there as part of the long term relationship that a local school High School has with Kisiki College in Namatumba. Values Based Leadership have committed to sending a percentage of net profit to the programme in Namatumba to buy mosquito nets for local people. Malaria kills a child in Uganda every four minutes. A simple mosquito net costing less than £5 can save the life of a child under the age of five.

Our Director of Coaching is on the Board of Trustees for a Multi-Academy Trust. This role is voluntary and Karen has held this position for a number of years. Her role includes developing the strategic direction of the Trust, liaising with local authority, monitoring and evaluating the management of day-to-day decisions

Since 2009, Values Based Leadership have provided apprenticeships to school leavers in order to help them improve their practical skills and to give them an insight into working in a business environment. We aim to build their confidence when liaising with clients and to provide them with the skills to manage day-to-day financial and administrative roles.

When corresponding with clients and associates, we use emails, telephone and video conferencing. We try to print as little as possible and have turned all of our brochures and newsletters into digital copies. We make use of Outlook and our CRM tool Act! to send information out quickly and without the need to print hard copies. Additionally all our programme content, where applicable, is provided electronically to all programme delegates thereby eliminating the need to provide hard copy material.

All Values Based Leadership Directors, Associates and staff use the national rail service when travelling long distance in order to cut down on our carbon emissions. We also endeavour to reduce business and commuter travel by setting multiple meetings on the same day within outlying areas. We also frequently choose to conduct face-to-face meetings and coaching sessions via video conferencing in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint whilst still maintaining an element of personal contact.

All our employees make every effort to minimise the amount of packaging we consume and use recycled paper wherever possible. We recycle all printer cartridges, cardboard, metal, plastic, glass and electronic equipment and all office printers and computers are WEEE (Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant.