Lucite International Global Leadership

Lucite International


Lucite International is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products. With manufacturing, sales and distribution capabilities across EAME, The Americas and Asia Pacific, they manufacture and supply some of the world’s best known branded acrylic products, which make a significant contribution to a wide range of growing sectors and geographic markets. After being acquired by Mitsubishi Rayon Group in 2009, they strengthened their global reach and market leading position.  Against this background, Lucite recognised that they needed to take a consistent approach to talent development by creating a leadership programme that would give them both depth and breadth in an influential group of senior leaders.   VBL was asked to design and deliver a Senior Leadership Development Programme that would develop global leadership capability and support the strategic business growth of the organisation. 
The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Increase the talent pool within Lucite International Senior Leaders for succession purposes.
  • Develop the leadership talents and capabilities of a group of senior leaders consistent with the core values of the organisation.
  • Develop the skills of a key group of leaders who are responsible for delivering strategic change in Lucite International.

The programme is delivered to multi-national groups of managers from all three regions in which the company operates. 


Initially VBL worked with the CEO, the Global Human Resources Director and other senior leaders within Lucite International to really get to know the company and how it worked. 

This meant understanding Lucite International’s vision and values as well as the business culture of the organisation.  It also meant confirming and validating the key behaviours and attitudes that would create successful global leadership in Lucite International and establishing how the Senior Leadership Development Programme would underpin the strategic development of the organisation.  This initial work also helped Lucite International to confirm their Leadership Attributes around which the final programme would be designed.

Based on this understanding a two week tailor made leadership programme run as two separate modules separated by six months is being delivered which includes:

  • Training needs analysis for each of the managers attending the programme.
  • 360 degree feedback customised to the specific behaviours and attitudes that had been identified as critical for successful global leadership within Lucite International.
  • Two four day experiential leadership development modules each of which takes place in different regions, either Asia Pacific, Europe or The Americas.
  • A strategic project set by the CEO to be completed during the programme. The project offers valuable strategic analysis and recommendations to Lucite International and provides the opportunity for senior leaders to work as a virtual global team.
  • 1-2-1 executive coaching from a qualified VBL Coach Mentor which support individual leadership development between and after the programme modules.



VBL is measuring the on-going results of the programme using data produced by the VBL Performance Pulse.  The report focuses on the learning from the programme, the behavioural changes that have occurred and the results achieved by the programme. So far it  has shown that:

  • 91% of participants believe that the 360 degree feedback enabled them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to develop personal learning objectives for the programme.
  • 86% of the participants confirm that the programme objectives of each module were achieved.
  • 100% of the participants say that the 1-2-1 coaching helped them to implement their learning from the programme.
  • The business projects are delivering outcomes that are additive to current organisational  thinking on key strategic issues and, developing more effective cross regional working.



Some of the results that have so far been achieved are:

  • The first cohort of delegates on the programme has already identified behavioural changes that have led to new ways of working and contributed to $2.85m of cost savings or profit improvements in 2012
  • The Lucite International Leadership Talent Pool is being significantly strengthened as a result of the programme. 
  • Almost 50% of the delegates attending the first cohort now have increased responsibilities or have been promoted to a more senior role in the business meaning that Lucite International has avoided the potential recruitment costs of filling these positions.
  • The enhanced motivation and engagement of a key group of leaders in Lucite International.

"VBL impressed us with their very personal approach to leadership development when they pitched for the business and they have delivered. They work very closely with our delegates over a prolonged period either side of the formal training sessions and, have developed very good relationships with a number of our senior team. As a result they obtain a very good overview of our business and some of the issues we are dealing with, and are able to offer helpful perspectives and advice in addition to the training itself, which is much appreciated.”" Kevin Leith, Global HR Director for Lucite International