Strategic Alignment

Weir Plc


Weir Plc employs over 11,000 people with a global footprint that covers 70 countries. With 140 years of engineering experience the organisation now has a global footprint and is a member of the Financial Times Top 100. The company has grown significantly in recent years both through organic growth and acquisition into new and existing markets and their aim is to provide customers with a uniform response delivered on a global scale. With some significant market opportunities available, The President of the Isolation Valves Division of Weir Power and Industrial asked VBL to design and deliver a programme that would create strategic alignment in his own team. In addition, the requirements of the programme was to equip the team with the skills, behaviours and attitudes that would enable them to engage the rest of the Division in the strategy.


Initially VBL worked with the Isolation Valves Leadership Team and developed a programme that:

  • enabled the team to understand and commit to a specific strategy,
  • identified the elements of their own (team) culture that they needed to address in order to perform more effectively as a team,
  • enabled them to identify how they would engage other people in the organisation in the strategy,
  • enabled the team to communicate at a higher level so they could have an open and honest dialogue about the strategy and the relationships in the team,
  • supported the development of each member of the leadership team through one-to-one coaching in addition to the team based events,
  • provided the team with the feedback and coaching skills to enable them to develop their own teams to deliver the strategy.


  • Strategic alignment in the team was significantly enhanced.
  • The team has developed the right attitudes and behaviours to deliver the strategy.
  • Open conversations have improved the quality of strategic decision making and there is now a greater level of mutual support and understanding in the team.
  • There is a greater level of contribution from all team members.
  • There is also an understanding of the elements the team needs to consistently address in order to achieve and maintain the strategic commitment of the people working in the Division.
  • A pool of internal coaches are supporting other learning and development initiatives being run for the middle management group.