Bringing Values to Life

Balfour Beatty WorkPlace


Balfour Beatty WorkPlace (BBW) is a market leader in support services to both private and public sector customers. The company provides facilities management services to a wide range of clients, including the BBC, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Metropolitan Police.

BBW had developed a set of new values around which they wanted to create a new high performance culture that would achieve outstanding success in their chosen markets. The new values were Teamwork, Responsibility, Enterprise and Heart. They then had the challenge of bringing these values to life for everyone in the organisation.


Values Based Leadership created a series of workshops that supported the development of the behaviours and attitudes required by the new values. The first workshop was run with the Executive Team and covered:

  • what it means to lead a values-based organisation,
  • the role of the leadership team in driving values-based behaviours and leading cultural change,
  • where the leadership team were individually in relationship to the values,
  • commitment to a specific set of actions that would support the change process.

Following on from the Executive Team Workshop, a series of workshops were developed for the top 50 leaders in BBW. Each participant left the workshops with a specific action plan to lead a values-based change in their area of the business. Many of these leaders have subsequently run a values workshop with their own teams. In addition, each business area of BBW is running values workshops for their staff with the aim of bringing the values to life for all of their employees and to enhance their business performance. BBW has also built their values into its HR processes for leaders at all levels of the organisation (the most recent of which is a 360 degree feedback tool that measures the performance of its leaders against the BBW values).

VBL has also supported BBW with their in-house values programme. VBL has for example, developed mini case studies for the company to use in their own workshops. The values are also reflected in the design and development of the other leadership programmes that VBL is delivering for BBW, like the successful Developing Leaders Programme that is creating a talent pool of emerging leaders in BBW.


As a result of the support of the values implementation programme, BBW has successfully started the implementation of a values-based culture based on its identified values. They have put the values at the heart of their vision for business success and they have backed the values with action. For example:

  • they have taken the decisions needed to ensure their leaders’ behaviours are aligned with the BBW values,
  • they have ensured they put the support in place for their leaders so they can truly own the process of values implementation,
  • they have made sure that the values are woven into their HR processes such as recruitment, development and reward.

“Our business was re-branded as Balfour Beatty WorkPlace and we introduced a new set of values to support our business vision and objectives. In addition to the ongoing work with our Organisational and Personal Development team, Values Based Leadership (VBL) has provided particular support in the area of values implementation. Working first with the Strategic Board and subsequently with the senior leadership team, VBL facilitated a number of workshops that have been stimulating and thought provoking, challenging people to think about a wide range of issues. VBL have provided a foundation for our journey of embedding the values and have helped participants understand their role in the successful development of a values-based business.”
Managing Director BBW