Executive Mentoring

Weir Plc


Weir Plc employs more than 13,000 people in over 70 countries. With 140 years of engineering experience the organisation now has a global footprint and is a member of the Financial Times Top 100.  The company has grown significantly in recent years organically and through acquisition into new and existing markets. Their aim is to provide customers with a uniform response delivered on a global scale with leadership as one of their core values.

Key to Weir’s success is the ability of its senior executives to be able to communicate across cultures and create collaborative relationships between different operating companies in order to deliver innovative solutions to their clients. This is true for the Global Head of Nuclear for Weir, who was set the challenge late in 2008 of maximising Weir’s potential in the nuclear sector by developing a congruent market offering from three geographical areas that had previously operated independently.  He was looking for support from an external mentor in this new leadership role.


After matching the Global Head with a trained mentor with the appropriate experience and knowledge, the mentoring relationship was focused on:

  • enabling him to develop the leadership skills and behaviours necessary to successfully manage this organisational change,
  • helping him to develop an approach that engaged the Weir’s Executive Team in the new nuclear strategy,
  • developing  and engaging a cross cultural team to deliver the change.

The mentoring also provided him with an objective outside voice whom he could bounce ideas off as part of his decision making process.


The Global Head of Nuclear has successfully implemented a new nuclear strategy in Weir Group and has on-going access to a trusted outside mentor to support his “on the job” leadership development. For the company, Weir has provided individual, tailored support for a key leader in the organisation who has met the overall objectives of the company.